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"Thanks you so much for your superb representation through a trying time."

– Holland Roddenbery client



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Gwenn Dorb Holland

Gwenn Dorb Holland specializes in family law, including both domestic relations and wills, trusts and estate disputes. Her many years of experience have focused on divorce, custody, support, modification, contempt and will, trust and fiduciary disputes. In addition to her substantial experience as a trial attorney, she has resolved hundreds of cases through mediation and arbitration. Read more...


Tina Shadix Roddenbery

Tina Shadix Roddenbery has focused her practice on all aspects of family and domestic relations law, including divorce, custody, support modification, legitimation, paternity, and contempt since 1987. An unparalleled commitment to her clients is reflected in her proven results, priority to responsiveness and dedication to the well-being of every client. Read more...




Erik Chambers

Erik Chambers focuses on family and trusts and estates litigation. Through personal life experiences, Erik understands and is sensitive to the difficult nature of domestic disputes. His goal is to be a successful and passionate advocate for his clients. Read more...


William T. Davis

Will works to develop meaningful relationships with his clients and opposing counsel, and he believes that a calm and reasonable approach to the practice of law is essential to successful resolution of domestic cases. . Read more...


Marilyn Kitik

Marilyn Kitik

Marilyn has worked as a family law paralegal for over 16 years and is passionate about assisting with family law matters. Read more...


Deborah Gattis

Deborah Gattis began working in the legal field approximately 28 years. Read more...